Cutting edge countertop technology

CNC router cutting sinks

Laser Templating

Your countertops will be measured with  a state of the art laser and computer.  Our template professionals will create a digital CAD layout of your cabinets.  The fit and finish is far superior to the old traditional method. 

Digital photo slab sofware optimization

Slabs are digitally photographed with Slabsmith software on a green screen and sent to our designer. From here, the countertop layout is created.  All seams, grain direction, color, veining, and any other characteristic of the slabs are optimized for the best possible layout. Using this software system, we are able to give you the best seam and appearance possible.   The Slabsmith system is one of the tools we use to offer our customers a superior countertop.

CNC programming

Precise digital template files are needed by our CNC programmer.  The template files are uploaded to our programmer who will program the saw and routers that will be cutting, edging, and polishing.  With our state of the art CNC machinery, we can offer our clients amazing radius work, edging, or just about any countertop imaginable.   Come and see the difference. 

See for yourself

Not all countertops are created equally.  Before you purchase your countertops, we encourage you to check out our competitors fabrication process.   When quality truly matters, there is no substitution for digital technology.  From template to installation, we're able to offer our customers CNC precision and professionalism throughout.